We are on your side to help you understand what's happening.

It is important to us that our clients have enough understanding about where they are, what they have, where they are going and what can be done about it, so that they can make informed decisions that make sense. If our clients don't understand why we are making certain recommendations or the basics of how a particular stategy or investment might work we ask to be stopped and to explain it until they do. We don't expect our clients to know every detail, but to have enough of an understanding to make an informed decision.

An educated client is our best advocate.

We also strive to keep our clients as up to date on many topics of interest through newsletters, computer links to many different resources to bring information on economics, investment research ideas, news and even secure client account information. There are mini seminars listed under the Education link at the top of this web page.

Victor and Stephen also provide educational opportunities through educational sessions covering a whole spectrum of topics, many times utililizing a team of professionals and investment service providers and their areas of expertise also. This may be simply a "bring a friend" afternoon light refreshments type event or may be a full lunch or dinner. We work hard to make it relevant and useful to our clients and future clients with something they can feel good about having taken the time to come listen. See our current Seminars link and sign up for the next one!