We bring insight to the process of matching your wealth with your purpose with our experience, the experience of all those we consult and bring in to assist us, but most importantly what you reveal to us through your past experiences and knowledge.

Our Insight  Stephen B. Guy, CFP® an LPL registered principal and LPL investment advisor representative with 35 years of experience.  We have believed in and utilized comprehensive financial planning with individuals and small business owners, helping them make smart decisions about their money, based on their own defintion of what wealth is, what independence looks like to them, and planning for succession of a business or handing down family wealth to future generations. We have partnered with the leading source of unbiased financial advice, LPL Financial, the #1 independent broker/dealer in the country*. Independence at LPL Financial offers freedom of product choice, quality service, regulatory expertise, and superior technological capabilities. LPL Financials sole focus is providing the tools, training and support we need to offer professional advice and quality products and services and with The Householder Group who seeks to manage the financial freedom of our clients through a retirement and estate planning model that has the independence to access a wealth of quality products deployed through a selective network of integrated investment and wealth management professionals.

At Householder Group we do not represent a group of investment products. We represent you. You can rely on our advice to be in your best interest. We look for ways to save you money today and make your money work harder for you in the future.

We also enlist the help of some of the best local professional resources when it come to legal guidance on elder care issues or estate preservation strategies, accountants whom we work closely with (and we work well with those whom our clients have already engaged), other insurance specialists and outside economist and investment company advisors.  

Your Insight   What seperates us is how we work so diligently to obtain your insight. We want to know what your perspectives, values and experiences are and have been. Where have you been in your life? What has happened? How has that made impacts on your financial decisions? What's most important about money to you? What are your dreams? Hopes? What is the one thing you'd like to happen that you never thought possible? As we dive into that specific insight, we will forge a unique connection in the way we come together and move forward.

 *As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2016, based on total revenue.